Inspirational Quotes
for Teens and Their Clueless Parents

Inspirational quotes for teens abound in the Internet as well as in books, magazines and even in billboards. Teens, after all, are at the crossroad of their lives - not children, not yet adults. Thus, teenagers and their parents, too, will benefit from these inspirational quotes.

You may ask why parents should also read, understand and meditate on inspirational quotes for teenagers. Well, as parents, we still have to guide our children in the ways of the world, of which the most effective way is to speak their language, in a manner of speaking. What better way than to share the following inspirational quotes?

We must emphasize that the following inspirational quotes for teens are only a few featured in this site in the coming days. Do come back for more - you and your teenagers - and get pearls of wisdom for a closer familial relationship. The benefits are certainly well worth the few minutes of your time spent browsing through the site.

Author and psychotherapist Virginia Satir has this to say about teenagers: "Adolescents are not monsters. They are just people trying to learn how to make it among the adults in the world, who are probably not so sure themselves." So, whenever you get too sure of yourself as a parent, know that you are also journeying in this Earth just as much as your children are embarking on their own journeys.

Or when your teenager seems to have become a stranger in your eyes overnight, remember this insightful observation from essayist and critic Logan Pearsall Smith: "Don't laugh at a youth for his affectations; he is only trying on one face after another to find a face of his own." To paraphrase the Bible, raise your children in the way that they should go for they will come back to the road you have set for them.

Of course, the inspirational quotes for teens will not be complete without quotes directed at the teens themselves. And you need not worry about the quotes in this site being uncool, unhip and unfashionable because teenagers speak this language, too.

What a delightful youth!
Inspirational Quotes for Teens

First, there is one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the history of music - Pearl Jam, of course. Eddie Veder so eloquently said, "Delight in your youth," an ageless advice that so many before and still many after him will say in so many words.

Indeed, do not let the adage about youth being wasted on the young apply to your life. As one unknown author said, if you live your life to the full while you are young, there is no need to turn back the time.

With that said, come back to this site for more inspirational quotes for teens and parents, too. You will delightedly discover that the secrets to a good life as a teenager and as an adult are yours for the taking, thanks to the brilliant insights of other teenagers and parents of teens. Now, that is something to look forward to even when life seems uncertain in your teenager's eyes.